Meeting places and times for activities are decided at the Club meeting prior to the activity.  People who wish to join an activity are required to give the leader reasonable notice, by signing an activity form at the meeting or by phoning the leader several days in advance.  It is essential that the leader knows that you wish to attend, as arrangements can change at short notice. If you decide not to go on an activity, it is also essential to advise the leader to avoid any inconvenience or unnecessary concern.

The Club provides a grading for every walk, but check with the leader if in any doubt. Select activities that you believe are within your capability but keep in mind that some walks may be exploratory or there could be some unexpected changes due to track closure, weather conditions etc.

Visitors may attend a maximum of three activities after which they are expected to apply for membership of the Club.  Visitors are covered by the Club’s personal accident insurance policy.


  • People leading an activity for the club may decline any request to attend.
  • Participants must obtain the leader’s permission before bringing any other person on an activity or if considering leaving an activity prematurely.
  • People under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult and are that person’s responsibility for the duration of the activity.
  • All participants have an individual responsibility for their own wellbeing and safety, they must have appropriate fitness, ability and equipment for the activity.
  • Participants must notify the leader if they are unsure of their ability, are taking medication or have any physical or other limitation that might affect their participation in the activity.
checking the map

Checking the Map

Walking with the Ramblers February 4, 2014