In November of each year the Club holds its Annual Photo Competition. The Garry Scully Memorial Trophy is awarded for the best overall picture. Garry was a member of the Club who tragically died in the great outdoors.

All photos must have been taken by a financial club member on a Ramblers trip in the last year, ie, after the annual submission date in mid-October. There will be three main categories. There will also be a Special category which will change each year.

The main categories are:

* People – People involved in activities that the club undertakes, eg, walking, camping, cooking, enjoying time around the campfire, cycling, kayaking/canoeing/rafting, resting, portraits, etc. The people or what they are doing or the situation they are in should be the primary subject of the image.

* Places – Places that bushwalkers & the Ramblers go, which could be views, creeks, tracks, lakes, mountains, clouds, beaches, sunsets, etc. People and man-made objects may appear in the photos, but the main subject must be the place. As a guideline, if you removed the people or objects from the photo, would it still be a good photo for the category?

* Things – Things that might be seen on a bushwalk or club activity, natural and man-made. Such things as insects, plants, animals, rocks, trees, heritage items, relics of past use, aboriginal sites and artifacts, etc. [This pretty much encompasses anything that does not fit neatly into one of the above categories.]

Up to four photos per person can be accepted in each of these categories.

The Special category will vary each year. Only a single photo from each person for this category.

Entries close in mid-October. Photos can be computer enhanced provided that is the member’s own work. Photos may be submitted using the photo comp web site or by USB stick or CD. Full details are provided by e-mail in the weeks before this.

Photos must be submitted as JPEG files and must not be bigger than 10MB. Most cameras and phones will comply with this. Panoramas may need to be reduced a bit.

The Gary Scully Memorial Photo Competition March 8, 2014