A detailed program is available to current members and updated weekly.

It consists of all the activities for the period and includes a description of the activity, the date(s) for the activity, the grading, leader, contact number and relevant map (if applicable).

An abbreviated version of the current program , Public Edit, is shown below.  For Privacy reasons, the Leader’s contact details and meeting times have been removed from this version of the Program.


Visitors are very welcome. If you would like to join us on an activity, call any of the people listed under “Contact us” or email: contact.ramblers@gmail.com.


Public Edit- 4 Dec

The type of activity is keyed and will assist the member when selecting an activity of a particular interest;

    • DW = Day Walk. This may be morning, afternoon or an all day walk.
    • TW = Twilight Walk. Usually after 5pm on the summer program during daylight saving.
    • BP = Backpack. A multi-day backpack requiring the self sufficiency of remote area walking.
    • CC = Car Camp. A fixed base camp that will include other activities.
    • BR = Bike Ride. Use of bicycles to explore area of the region. Can include Railtrails in other states.
    • PA = Paddle (Flat and White Water). Trips involving a kayak or canoe but limited to G1 rapids or less.
Current Program – Public February 4, 2014