The program is available to current members. It consists of all the activities for the period and includes a description of the activity, the date(s) for the activity, the grading, leader, contact number and relevant map (if applicable).

Programs are published regularly and cover the periods:

  • April to July
  • August to November
  • December to March

An abbreviated version of the current program is available here but contact the club for the full details:


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The type of activity is keyed and will assist the member when selecting an activity of a particular interest;

    • DW = Day Walk. This may be morning, afternoon or an all day walk.
    • TW = Twilight Walk. Usually after 5pm on the summer program during daylight saving.
    • BP = Backpack. A multi-day backpack requiring the self sufficiency of remote area walking.
    • CC = Car Camp. A fixed base camp that will include other activities.
    • BR = Bike Ride. Use of bicycles to explore area of the region. Can include Railtrails in other states.
    • PA = Paddle (Flat and White Water). Trips involving a kayak or canoe but limited to G1 rapids or less.
Current Program – Public February 4, 2014